Personal Injury Attorney Information

When you're in need of a personal injury lawyer chances are you'll go to Google and do a search for "Personal injury attorney + city". Although this logically makes the most sense of a how to start your search, you may want to consider that just because an attorney is on Google doesn't necessarily mean that they're the best qualified to represent your auto accident, slip & fall or other personal injury claim. Personal Injury Law Guru is the only directory that lists attorneys that meet 3 specific criteria:

  • Minimum of 10 years licensed by the lawyer's respective State Bar Association.
  • Each listed attorney must dedicate at least 50% of their practice to personal injury law.
  • Only 10 attorneys per geographical area are listed.

Unlike most other legal directories, these criteria allow you to know from the start that the attorneys listed meet a minimum criteria, rather than simply being listed because the lawyer paid for advertising.

When you choose an attorney simply listed on Google, or other attorney directories you are choosing from firms that didn't meet any specific benchmark, other than the attorney paid to get placement. Each attorney listed on has been personally vetted by our team of moderators to ensure a high quality database.
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